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Special trustee thanks and sincere gratitude to the volunteers who stepped up to help Rob Hilton and Jerry Fish with church painting on Sept 29-30 & Oct 1st. Pioneer Hall interior, walkway ceilings & doorways, play yard fencing and some sanctuary locations were painted.  It was a lot of work. Volunteers Jeff, Robin, Warner, Marshall & Ben Pask, Liz Ralph, Bonnie Shelton, Trina Smith, Janet Herald, Terry Raley, Fern Goodman, Pastor Glen, Syvaniah & Tallulah Pharris, William Kellison, John Dantzler and Maddison Fish showed up to work with Rob and Jerry. Special thanks to Jason Thurston and John Williams.  We’ve probably missed naming everyone as painting went on for three days but we sincerely appreciate the great group of people who volunteered. Lunch was served on Saturday.  One more thing:  there’s more to do so if you missed out this time you will have another chance soon to help maintain our church.  There’s always a need for volunteer help. Contact Rob, Jerry, Pastor Glen, or church office to sign up. Thanks again, everyone!

Other Information:
The church electrical outages that have happened have been identified – the air compressor motor that runs the organ, as well as one of the A/C units, is the culprit. It’s been ordered and will be replaced. Playground equipment will be upgraded thanks to a great donor. Sanctuary carpet will be steam cleaned soon and the installation of a surveillance system to keep our facility safer is in the works.

Helen Bartlett, Recording Secretary
Board 2016: Rob Hilton, Chair - Jerry Fish, Vice Chair - Helen Bartlett, Recording Secretary - Lincoln Eden  - Daisy Shelton - Trina Smith  - Karl Medbery - Liz Ralph - Marcia Davis - Pastor Glen Raley